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International Coastal Clean Up Day at Perupalem Beach-20th september-2014

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forests-always and ever at our Service.

Forests-always and ever at our Service.

As we said in the Headline forests play a major role in providing many services to this entire world . food to the shelter has been provided by the forests for us.they are like a father in providing all the necessary things to their children(we).

Today we cannot imagine our life without forests

Habitats for biodiversity and livelihood for humans

But looking at it beyond our narrow, human, not to mention urban, perspective, forests provide habitats to diverse animal species, and they also form the source of livelihood for many different human settlements as well as for governments.

They offer watershed protection, timber and non-timber products, and various recreational options. They prevent soil erosion, help in maintaining the water cycle, and check global warming by using carbon dioxide in photosynthesis.

Yet we are losing them

Over the past 50 years, about half the world's original forest cover has been lost, the most significant cause for that being humans beings' unsystematic use of its resources.

When we take away the forest, it is not just the trees that go. The entire ecosystem begins to fall apart, with dire consequences for all of us.

Let us join today to justify tomorrow in saving our environment.

we should take steps in promoting forests across the globe ,to initiate such actions we have to arrange and organize eco campaigns and should celebrate all eco days like oceans day, forests day and water day etc.

Importance of Celebrating World Environment Day

At present scenario environmental consciousness is the most important and crucial task .One should take care in conserving environment right now otherwise we can’t imagine our future in safer mode. Our next generation may face many more health hazards due to our selfish activities that is polluting environment.

In this context we the environmental associations should carry on various environmental awareness campaigns, programs etc:-.As you know WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY is celebrated on 5th June every year,

This day marks the importance of Environment and make people to take a move towards Saving our Environment. in the same way we have to organize all the 41 environment related days to make people more conscious towards safe environment.

Always we have to remember "Save Spread & Strive for Safe Environment".

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Olympics and India

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The only solution for transport which is ecofriendly
3/4 EEE, S.R.K.R.Engineering College,
In our fast growing world, there is tremendous increase in technology. Our
people are introducing new technologies day by day and no one are bothering
about its side effects and its adverse effects on the environment for sustainable
survival of living beings on Earth. In this context we come across many areas
of concern. Now Let us talk about the transportation in our day to day life.
In our daily life to go from one place to another either it may be far or near everyone are using bikes which are operated on using petrol. Which causes innumerous disasters to our existence such as they release CO and other gases which pollute environment and even causes depletion of ozone layer.Transportation seems to be costly due to high rate of petrol,shortage of fuels day by day and this shortage of fuels may leads to a number of crisis between the countries in the world.
In this particular context why can't we introduce electrical-bikes which are operated
by a battery on charging with electricity.
Think ! Think !! Think a while !!!
What is electrical-bike?
electrical-bike is a specially designed two wheeler which are designed for the alternate
use of petrol, and which will not cause pollution to the environment, and even it
does not cause sound pollution.
So we can term it as “eco-friendly bike”.
Let us go through the details.
electrical-bike consists of a D.C. motor, and a battery(4no's*12v each), and a charger, this equipments were inserted in the bike and on charging the battery with the provided
charger in electricity, the bike can be operated.charging this bike is a very simple task
that is similar to charging of our mobile phones , just to plug in the charger of this bike into power socket is enough
The specifications on the electrical bikes are bikes on various concerns are as follows:
Now at present in the market we can get EKO -cosmic-1 model electrical bike which is manufactured in India by EKO-Vehicles private Ltd Bangalore,karnataka.
The electrical bike type name:
The specifications of EKO-COSMIC-1:
The operetion specifications:
max speed:40 km/hr
range per speed:50 k.m
max. noise:less than 60 d.b
product specifications:
sealed maintainence free gel battery
battery weight:28 kgs
battery life : 300 cycles
system voltage:48 v
capacity:12v, 20 AH*4 No's
input voltage:220 v, 5A,50Hz
charging time:5 hrs
neodymium iron boron
permanent magnet brushless
dc hub motor mounted in the near wheel
out power ;500 watts@48 v
no load speed:560 RPM
Front and rear internally /expanding drum brakes
3.00-10 (inches)
air preesure:30 psi
L*W*H(in mm):1670*650*1090
wheel base:1240 mm
vehicle weight:59 kgs
kerb weight:87 kgs
ground clearance:135 mm


Salient features of the electrical-bike:
It does not require petrol.
It is 100% free from pollution and as well as sound pollution too
It doesnot require maintainence cost because no mechanism such as chain ,gear or cluth are inserted in this vehicles manufacture.
The vehicle weighs 87 in kgs and it withstand a load upto 182kgs
One full charge for 5 hours can give you a mileage of 50 kms.
One charge for 5 hours consumes only one unit power(1K.W.H).
And one unit power costs only Rs.2 (approximately)
For general one unit cost Rs.1.25 paise.
For commercial one unit cost Rs.6.60 paise.
Comfortable for two person to travel & even three can go without any hesitation
In view to above context the cost for one kilometer is 0.4paise and therefore it is Rs.2/- for 50 k.m which is a very little amount
A speedometer is also inserted to have a look on its speed
Space is provided under the seat to place the luggage
Merits on using the electrical -bike
it is eco friendly by all means.
It can save natural resources because it only consumes electrical energy energy.
All the sector of people, who are even middle class can buy them since its maintenance cost is very low.
It We an be charged at our homes, offices near the provided power sockets .
can also prevent accidents because they are provided with speed limit that is just 40 k.m/hr.
Quick and ignition starting (with key) within no time.
Investment cost can be ratained within 18 months after the purchase
Demerits on Using electrical-bike:
There are not so many demerits but:
(1).Only they are designed in scooty model rather than designing other models such as modern bikes which are mainly used by middle age and the youth.
(2). On concerning to its speed it is not so feasible.
(3). it cannot be applicable for longer distances.because one full charge can give only 50 k.m mileage

Cost of the electrical-bike
show room price
On Road
The other Special Merits of this Bikes:

These bikes are even approved by the AUTOMOTIVE RESEARCH AUTHORITY OF INDIA (A.R.A.I).
These bikes are even complying with CENTRE for AUTOMOBILE VEHICLES RESEARCH (C.M.V.R).
The neccesary tasks to be accomplished inorder to have them on our Roads
are as follows:
1.RTA Registration
2.Life tax of 4 %
3.Road tax
4.Driving licence
Other Applications using this bikes are:
This vehicles headlight can be used as charging light in case of need & during the absence of electrical power
that is without starting the motor just on the light.
At present in our market we can get these bikes in the following colours with the warranty period for an year
Important Note:
The life span of the battery of this bike is for 300 cycles that is 300 cycles*full charges(5 hrs) gives a mileage of 15000
kilometres which is expected to be travelled by a daily user (around 50 k.m) for a period of 10 months.
Mileage can be determined exactly basing on the way of charging, speed & way of operation
Under standard specified test conditions one charge gives around 50 k.m at a pay load of 70 kgs & at a steady speed of 30 kmph
Special Schemes:
In order to encourage this eco-friendly bikes one the leading bank "ICICI" has introduced a scheme, through this scheme the “ICICI” is providing 80% loan to the customer out of the total cost of the bike one has to pay an amount of rs. 12000 and he can take the bike to home and he can pay the remaining amount in later terms.
This scheme is most economical and advantageous to all the sectors of the people.
Further Steps:
The capacity of its load should be increased.
The speed of the bike should be increased.
The models should be developed in accordance with present models.
Mileage should be increased in accordance with charging.
Our contributions to develop this:
We are here with aware of the usefulness of this eco friendly bikes and further we are planning to design latest model e-bikes on increasing its efficiency charging power, speed.
So that on above changes we hope that it can more useful but its cost may be increased.
Conclusion :
By observing all the above details, specifications we can conclude that the electrical-bike are more useful.
Young generation instead of using petrol operated bikes they can use this so that they can save money, free from pollution and accidents, not only young but also more beneficial to old and middle aged people.
It is more useful to women and also for daily travellers such as job holders etc.
Manufactures Address:
west & east godavari districts, dealer,
beside new yamaha show room,
near venkateshwaraswami Temple,
undi road ,Bhimavaram-534202,